20 PCS Beeswax Ear Wax Removal Candles




  • ✈️✈️【ABOUT TRANSPORTATION】Standard Transportation Time: 7-12 Days.
  • 🔥🔥【TO MY DEAR FRIEND】📢📢 Do you often experience dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and forgetfulness? It’s time to use our amazing natural beeswax ear candles!!! Give your ears A BIG CLEANING !!!
  • 👂👂【About Ear Candles】- Ear candles originated from ancient times. “Ear Candling” is also known as “Aromatherapy Ear Candling”, “Ear Candling Detox Stick”. It is a therapy in which a hollow candle is inserted into the ear to light it. The raw material for making ear candles is generally flax or cotton, which is soaked in wax and hardened to form a candle with a hollow inside.
  • 👂👂【Natural Beeswax Ear Candling】- Our ear candles use pure natural beeswax, which contains Chinese herbal medicine and some aromatherapy ingredients. Regular use can detoxify and beautify, and can also relieve physical fatigue. It is most suitable for people who are under pressure and mentally exhausted at work.
  • 👂👂【Efficacy Of Ear Candles】- Ear candle treatment can reduce sinus pressure, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, clean the ear canal; refresh the brain and stabilize the mood; it can also treat ear infections caused by water in the ear after swimming. Besides, it has an obvious conditioning effect on our respiratory infections and poor breathing.
  • 👂👂【Relieve Stress】- Using aromatherapy ear candles can not only speed up the metabolism of toxins in the body, but also relax and regulate people’s tight nerves. It can quickly reduce headache and insomnia symptoms. In addition, people experience dizziness and tinnitus, as well as insomnia and forgetfulness. At times, more use of ear candles can make these unhealthy symptoms disappear as soon as possible.
  • 👂👂【100% Satisfied Service】If for any reason you’re not 100% SATISFIED with our products, please contact our customer service and we provides 100% high-quality and friendly service and 24-hour email response.


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